A Manual of Materia Medica and Pharmacology,
by David M.R. Culbreth, Ph.G., M.D. (7th edition, 1927)

Note on the revised version: thanks to original editions supplied by Paul Bergner and Michael Gregory, I was able to rescan and reedit Culbreth's. I had hoped to be able to OCR the text to make for shorter files, but, as with many older technical manuals, the dizzying array of typefaces, sizes and styles made even mighty OmniPage Pro burp and die. I ended up retaining the book as bitmaps...300 dpi, suitable for spiffy printing...and as Acrobat (.pdf) files, since no cross-platform file format compresses huge amounts of gifs so well. The downside is that the files are 250% longer than my earlier scanning. Still, it is a 443 page book, and we all have faster modems....right?? (...sorry, but it's worth it)

It's also has more pages and illustrations than my earlier version...added some monographs I excluded before.

This classic work, with over 300 illustrations, deals with ALL the medicinal plants that were, or had ever been, official drug plants in the history of the United States Pharmacopoeia and the National Formulary, up until the publication date in 1927.

This is being offered as purely bitmapped Acrobat graphic files...no searching or finding, since it does not exist in a text format. Your best bet is to print up a hardcopy; the index (in preparation) will refer to the numbers on each double page.

IT IS ABRIDGED AND EDITED. The original version was arranged by botanical orders and families. I have completely rearranged it in alphabetical order by genus, and have supplied each file with bookmarks. I have deleted such crude drugs as Opium (Papaver somniferum) and Digitalis, since the aim of this editing is to provide information on plants we now use as "Herbs" and/or "Botanicals".


Part 1 (40 pages, 2 across) Acrobat .pdf file (4.7M)
Abies abies to Arctostaphylos (36 illustrations)
Part 2 (40 pages, 2 across) Acrobat .pdf file (4.6M)
Arctosraphylos (cont.) to Cannabis (33 illustrations)
Part 3 (40 pages, 2 across) Acrobat .pdf file (4.5M)
Capsicum to Citrus aurantium, var. sinensis (40 illustrations)
Part 4 (40 pages, 2 across) Acrobat .pdf file (4.6M)
Citrus aurantium, var. sinensis (cont.) to Ecballium elaterium (33 illustrations)
Part 5 (40 pages, 2 across) Acrobat .pdf file (4.8M)
Echinacea to Gaultheria (30 illustrations)
Part 6 (40 pages, 2 across) Acrobat .pdf file (4.6M)
Gaultheria (cont.) to Jateorhiza calumba (39 illustrations)
Part 7 (40 pages, 2 across) Acrobat .pdf file (4.6M)
Juglans to Nectandra (39 illustrations)
Part 8 (40 pages, 2 across) Acrobat .pdf file (4.7M)
Nepeta to Polygala senega (27 illustrations)
Part 9 (40 pages, 2 across) Acrobat .pdf file (4.7M)
Polygala senega (cont.) to Ricinus (35 illustrations)
Part 10 (40 pages, 2 across) Acrobat .pdf file (4.6M)
Ricinus (cont.) to Styrax benzoin (41 illustrations)
Part 11 (45 pages, 2 across) Acrobat .pdf file (5.2M)
Styrax benzoin (cont.) to Zingiber (35 illustrations)

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